Samsung Smart Signage DB10ED - design wall bracket

netMAX provides a brand new, surface wall mounted bracket for the Samsung Smart Signage DB10D Display

Connectors and cables are completly covered, with a total height of 28mm (1.10 inch) above the wall surface.

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viewMAX door signage Interface to Micros-Fidelio Opera with FKT Logo

door signage inteface
viewMAX door signage interface to Micros Fidelio Opera for data centre and similar centralized environments.

The Micros-Fidelio Opera Interface FKT_logo: VMX; MF Part No: 5009-144 is now operational for centralized server environments.

For multi property scenarios with hosted servers, netMAX offers a modified door signage Interface for the direct conference data import via FTP. The new function is fully integrated in the existing interface structure and can be easily configured from the viewMAX Director configuration menu.

Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport

First international Installation
The Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Brussels airport is our first international installation outside the German speaking area. With the viewMAX display sidegrade kit we were able to replace the existing KVM system, so the customer could keep most of the existing room displays for the new viewMAX system.

For an easy operation, the viewMAX conference wayfinding solution has an interface to the Micros-Fidelio Opera S&C module (FKT_logo: VMX; MF Part No: 5009-144).

Micros Fidelio Interfaces in operation

viewMAX supports Opera and Suite 8 CCM
The new viewMAX PMS Interface is now certificated for Micros Fidelio Opera an Suite 8 CCM.
Since March 2006 the Education Center of DaimlyerChrysler AG, Haus Lämmerbuckel in Wiesensteig/Germany is using viewMAX and Suite 8 for four 40" Public Displays in the lobby.
The new Grand Elysee Hotel in Hamburg/Germany is the first hotel worldwide with a viewMAX Interface to Opera S&C. Eleven viewMAX Public Displays and 23 viewMAX10 room displays will guide the guests to the 28 conference rooms.

Digital Signage for hotels and conference centers was never easier before.

The innovation in digital signage

viewMAX 3D digital signage information system
With the new viewMAX 3D display you will get a really eye catcher. Information will not be displayed on a ‘flat’ screen, the viewer will see it three dimensional.
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