viewMAX - room signage software and displays

viewMAX - room signage software and displays
netMAX offers a complete event signage application and support a variety of different display types and sizes - starting with a 7" wireless office sign to any VGA/DVI public display.

The viewMAX solution is already used by many hotels, some national and multinational companies, and several German and Austrian public authorities.

viewMAX is a simple and an easy to use conference digital signage and directional system. The room boards and public displays of the viewMAX series, in combination with the viewMAX Director signage management software gives our customers a flexible and comfortable digital signage.

Application and functionality

A complete soultion

Digital room signs should make the life easier and not more complicated - the combination of the easy to use viewMAX director software and the reliable viewMAX hardware, gives our customers a perfect solution to meets their professional needs.

Signage has to be simple

The viewMAX Director software is a powerful, but easy to use tool for the daily event and room signage. Templates can be created and will be automatically filled with the event information from the viewMAX event scheduler.

Several interfaces to common Property Management Systems (PMS), Facility Management Software, Banquet applications or Groupware - like Microsoft Outlook/Exchange - are available and no extra work for the daily signage will be necessary.

Standards will save your investment

viewMAX uses a standardized network protocol to communicate with the displays. Content like pictures and movies will be uploaded via FTP or HTTP, and the viewMAX displays supports GIF, JPEG, PNG and MPEG* file formats.

Technology meets excellent design

An innovative signage and guest information system
  • Individual signage for your customer wit high recognition
  • Graphics, logos and images for room signs
  • Prepared templates minimizes setup time
  • Supporting several displays formats
  • Less time for more quality

Excellent design

  • Covers from different materials in a variety of colours for the perfect integration in your environment
  • Optional wooden or metal stands

Centralized Management

  • All displays could be accessed from an authorized PC in Your LAN or WLAN
  • Interfaces for Property Management Systems (PMS) e.g. Micros Fidelio Opera or Suite 8 are tested, certified and in operation.
  • Powerful Data Import from various office applications e.g. Microsoft Excelâ„¢

State-of-the-art design - flexible for your property

Details gives the superior technology
  • LCD displays optimized for 24/7 operation
  • No noise - no moving parts like disks or fans
  • Easy and quick installation because of wireless technology
  • viewMAX displays are free of maintenance